Friday, July 19, 2019

Business Travelers Get Taste of Ireland at Airline’s New Lounge

(NewsUSA) – Business travelers may feel like they live in the sky, but one airline is working to make sure they have their feet firmly — yet comfortably — planted on...

It’s My Way or the Highway: Uber, Lyft Face off over Fingerprinting in Texas

Even some Sunday school teachers are subject to it. So why are Uber and Lyft so averse to having their drivers fingerprinted that they just suspended service in a major U.S....

How Connected Cars Make Our Cities Smarter

No doubt about it, we live in a brave new world. One in which our digital life is expanding and evolving at an unprecedented rate. Wireless connectivity has spread from computers...
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Pressure cooking the next generation!

Sharing a letter which I have posted to the chairman of a large school chain. Dear Mr.X, This letter comes to you as a token of...

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