Quantum Entanglement or Mysterious Action at a Distance?

A Global Computing Environment in Development

In 1986 I was part of a team of ten engineers installing a Cray Research Supercomputer (Cray X-MP 48) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado. Below is a picture of myself at NCAR and the archived November 1986 NCAR Newsletter describing the team and installation of the 5.5-ton supercomputer.  NCAR, who was supported by the National Science Foundation and over a 100 research universities was leveraging the supercomputer to advance the study and modeling of global weather and ocean effects. The specific usage of the supercomputer by atmospheric scientists and oceanographers can be viewed here. The supercomputer applications were major breakthroughs in the late 1980s, yet far from wide-scale quantum computing.  The 5.5-ton CRAY X-MP supercomputer was a sight-to-see, and hundreds of University Presidents flew in to tour the facility and watch intensely as our team installed the system. Little would any engineer or scientist imagine that the power of that 5.5-ton supercomputer would be mysteriously replaced by a handheld computer.

During this same period of time, a vibrant and energetic scientist from Los Alamos National Laboratory named Bob, (Bo) Ewald was in his second year of being the senior leader at Cray Research, Supercomputer Company. He was one of many who believed that the world was a phenomenal time of transformation through the development of supercomputing. In many ways he was correct, yet the greatest breakthroughs would not come until years later. Nevertheless, Bo never gave up on the power and mystique of quantum computing. Fast-forward to 2017…


In late 2016, and January 2017, major computing announcements caused many people across various industries to stand in astonishment of what they were reading. Many people, including myself, were wondering if these announcements were fact or fiction; as they would be considered mysterious just a few years earlier. A breakthrough announcement by D-Wave System’s open source quantum computing environment; alongside a partnership between Cray Research, and Microsoft’s Cognitive Toolkit caught the world by surprise.  And yes, you guessed it, Bo Ewald is the U.S. President of D-Wave Systems, while I have moved on to Oral Roberts University, who is leading Augmented and Virtual Reality utilization in the area of research and education, in partnership with global AVR leader EON Reality.

Is there something mysterious happening, or are we seeing quantum entanglement within the computing industry – on a global scale? Albert Einstein once referred to quantum entanglement between like particles that are at a distance as ‘spooky or mysterious action at a distance’.  What Einstein was describing was the unknown behavior of things that are similar, yet at a distance — somehow mysteriously entangling with each other to manifest a quantum behavior.  The new announcements were made by computer companies that are somewhat similar but have always been a distance apart in their mission and customer base. Despite the distance in purpose and audiences of the past, these companies have announced purposeful entanglements for the betterment of a global world that desires to speed up iterations of research, invention, and innovation. D-Wave Systems purposefully entangles open source with quantum computing, and Cray Research purposefully entangles with Microsoft’s Cognitive Tool-Kit by running it on their high-end performance systems. The distance that these theories and companies have been apart are now mixed or entangled together — someone’s peanut butter has entangled with someone’s chocolate!

On one hand, it is a mystery that the 5.5-ton Cray X-MP supercomputer is now accessible in thin-air through wireless supercomputer access cycles. On the other hand, this is less of a mystery when you consider the combination of intellectual energy, frequencies in the cosmos, and the vibrations of change that have occurred since 1986.

The thought that open source code development would be offered for quantum computing by a Canadian company named D-Wave Systems would have been preposterous just years ago. Just as astonishing is that under the leadership of D-Wave System’s U.S. President Bob (Bo) Ewald, D-Wave already has Los Alamos National Labs, Lockheed Martin, USC, Google and NASA/Ames as partners/customers developing quantum computing open source code environment. Just as breathtaking, is the thought that Cray Research and Microsoft are working with the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre to study Deep Learning via neural networks that will meet up with forms of newly developed AI, Video imaging, Mixed Reality, and Virtual Reality.

Imagine the global breakthroughs that quantum entanglement will have across machine learning, AI, virtual reality, gesture computing, and neural computing — as the collective good of all computer companies globally entangle with each other. The net result will be one of many of quantum effects which will be unexplainable to many people. Ironically, what Einstein called ‘spooky or mysterious action at a distance’ was already known by inventor Nikola Tesla as the three properties on earth that would produce quantum entanglement. Tesla stated ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.’ Tesla also knew that quantum entanglement is a result of energy, frequency, and vibration that was designed by our Creator. I suspect, this is why when Einstein was once asked “what does it feel like being the most intelligent man in the world,”he replied and said… “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla.”

We live in exciting times and the trajectory of computational power or The Internet of Things (IoT) are not necessarily a mystery. Rather, we are starting to see things at a distance (from around the world) become systematically entangled. This quantum entanglement with new levels of knowledge will allow people to see more truth, rather than use mere opinion, hypothesis, or speculation to guess at the truth. I suspect that when we know the truth on a global scale, more people will be set free from ignorance, poverty, prejudice, hatred, false religions and polarizing beliefs.

Most ironically, as I heard the announcement of Cray Research’s partnership in Deeper Learning by using Microsoft’s Cognitive Tool-Kit, I laughed and reflected on Christopher Langan’s theory on Cognitive Transformation. Chris has been tested as one of the worlds’ highest IQs, if not the highest. His story and theory are best told by Popular Science, who published an article called the Wise Guy.

Get ready for more entanglement announcements as the design of the universe by a great Creator is being discovered. Finally, congratulations to Bo Ewald for always pursuing his dreams, passion, and knowingness that quantum computing will reveal many universal truths.  I always said that Bo had a mixture of Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger in his approach to life – and now some of his greatest works will be accomplished. To further the discovery and research on the entanglement of technology, systems, and development, Oral Roberts University has created and trademarked the term ‘Geonetics.’  Geonetics is the study and research of geospatial data structures used to send intelligent education around the world.

Michael L. Mathews,
Chief Information Officer,
Oral Roberts University.



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